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This e-Book gives you a glimpse about Vastushastra- Ancient science, Misconception about Vastu and its four factors, and the old way of preaching and modern interpretation.

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    Bharat Gandhi

    Architect and

    Vastu Consultant

    Who am I?

    Bharat Gandhi is Architect, Coulmnist, Educator, and Vastu Consultant. Bharat has Developed platform for Individuals and Corporates can get reports online of their property/premises from vastu point of view.

    What will you learn in our course?

    • In this course Architect, Columnist, and Vastu Consultant Bharat Gandhi reveals misconceptions about Vastushastra, demystifies the same, analyses ancient Vastu tenets in context to modern times, and gives a practical angle to the same keeping today’s developments rules, and trends.